My name is Buster, and I'm a My Pet Monster. I came to live with my buddy Will Mote this last Christmas. I'm the second one he owned. When he was little, he had Buster I, who was my big brother. He was LOTS bigger than me, but I can talk!

While Will is in the Army, I'm going to live with his mom and keep her company. She told Will she would take me lots of places and let me write about it so he would know what I'm doing.

I went with Mom (she lets me call her that - she's so nice!) to the church to work. Click here to read about it....

The other night we went to Montgomery to see Will's grandparents. On the way back I got real tired. Click here to see my picture and read about what we did.

I also like to eat Chinese food - we finally got to meet Ryan and his folks - we went to Peking Palace for lunch on Saturday. There'll be lots of other things I'm going to get to do, so keep checking back!

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